Top 7 Best 4 ½ Angle Grinders: Reviews & Buyer Guide (2024 Updated)

4.5-inch angle grinders are compact, lightweight, and affordable hand tools to tackle light tasks like cutting or grinding metal, mild steel, bricks, or even tiles. But picking the best 4 1/2 angle grinder to conquer these materials might not be easy as you might think.

In this article, I will provide you with an in-depth review of 7 top-rated 4-½” angle grinders that might be useful for your upcoming DIY projects or various tasks on your property.

Top 7 Best 4 ½ Angle Grinders 2024

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
DEWALT DWE402 Paddle SwitchBest corded 4 ½"  angle grinderSee latest Price
Makita XAG04Z Brushless CordlessBest Cordless 4-1/2” Angle GrinderSee latest Price
PORTER-CABLE PC750AGBest 4.5 inch angle grinder for the moneySee latest Price
Milwaukee 2680-20 M18The lightest 4.5" Cordless GrinderSee latest Price
Chicago Pneumatic CP7545-B Air Angle GrinderThe FastestSee latest Price
Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle GrinderCan shut off when maintenance is neededSee latest Price
CRAFTSMAN CMEG100 Small Angle GrinderAlso a good value for the moneySee latest Price

In-depth 7 Top Rated 4 ½ inch Angle Grinder Reviews

1. DEWALT DWE402 Paddle Switch – Best corded 4 ½”  angle grinder

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  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Power source: Corded
  • Speed: 11,000 RPM
  • Horsepower: 1.8 HP
  • Voltage: 120V

DEWALT DWE402 is the best 4-½  angle grinder at an affordable price tag. Boasting a robust 11-amp AC/DC motor with a rotating speed of 11,000RPM, this grinder offers the best power to weight ratio among many 4 ½ grinders on the market.

Although this DEWALT grinder is not the cheapest option in this top list, it is a practical choice for beginners and professionals, thanks to its built-to-last design.

First, the oversized brushes allow the motor to run two times longer than the previous DEWALT D28402, thus saving you a considerable amount of money for brush replacement. When the brush needs replacement, it will automatically shut the device down to avoid damage.

Second, the Dust Ejection System keeps the device cool while avoiding metal debris and dirt from entering inside.

Not only durable, but this grinder also comes in handy whenever you need it. It has a slim ergonomic structure and weighs only 6,2 pounds, making it easy to maneuver and control for hours with no hand and wrist fatigue. You can find your best comfortable position, thanks to the 360-degree One-Touch Guard and an auxiliary handle. For your safe working experience, never run the grinder without this guard!


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Oversized brushes for two times extra brush life
  • Ergonomic design for easy and comfortable handling
  • Affordable


  • The side handle might be too big for small hands

2. Makita XAG04Z Brushless Cordless – Best Cordless 4-1/2” Angle Grinder

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  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Power source: Battery
  • Speed: 8,500 RPM
  • Voltage: 18V

When owning a battery-operated angle grinder like Makita XAG04Z, you can get your cutting or grinding jobs done with confidence and freedom without scarifying your cord grinding performance. This best cordless angle grinder is an ideal pick for less extensive DIY tasks or small fixing jobs around your home.

Unlike the previous DEWALT DWE402, this Makita grinder runs on a BL brushless motor. This brushless motor has many advantages over brush ones, like no brush change, cooler and faster operation, higher electricity to power ratio.

Besides, the XAG04Z offers a 50% longer battery runtime per charge than brush models, meaning that you can work more with less waiting time or battery charge.

I think the Makita XAG04Z is a perfect balance between performance and safety. The Automatic Speed Change automatically adjusts the torque and RPM to match the demands of applications.

Besides, the AFT (Active Feedback-sensing Technology) will instantly turn the motor off when a force stops the wheel’s rotation. This safety feature is useful when cutting materials that are too thick or too hard, and it helps you prevent common accidents like kickbacks. The Makita’s signature Star Protection Controls protect the entire machine from overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.

A minor drawback of this cordless angle grinder is that no battery and charger are included in the product package. Therefore, you must purchase the battery and charger separately if you don’t have another Makita product that runs on an 18V or 36V rechargeable battery.


  • Many safety features like AFT, Star Protection Controls, Automatic Speed Change
  • Battery-powered; no cord or cord extension needed
  • High-efficient brushless motor


  • No battery and charger included

3. PORTER-CABLE PC750AG – Best 4.5 inch angle grinder for the money

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  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Power source: Corded
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Speed: 10,000 RPM

Why do I call this Porter-Cable angle grinder a valuable choice? Because it delivers a professional-level performance within a budget-friendly price tag. In other words, you can use this grinder for various cutting, grinding, and sanding tasks around your residential area without paying too much for a heavy-duty model.

The Porter-Cable PC750AG boasts a 7.5-amp motor with a maximum rotating speed of 10,000RPM. It comes with a 4 ½ metal cutting wheel suitable for knife making or cutting concrete, rebar, and removing rust and paint.

The gear housing of this grinder is constructed of cast metal for excellent durability against aggressive working conditions and harsh weather elements. Also, whether you are a left or right-handed user, you can control this device safely and comfortably with its soft side handle with 3 adjustable positions. This adjustable handle is handy when you have to deal with small areas or odd-shaped materials.

While some people prefer cordless grinders over corded ones, sometimes you don’t have to scarify the device’s performance for its portability, provided that you are always connected to a reliable power supply. This grinder model from Porter-Cable offers you a 6-foot cord for maximum freedom of working, so you don’t have to use a cord extension in most cases.

And if you need to change the wheel or accessory, you can get it done in a few seconds with the spindle lock.


  • Adjustable side handle with soft grip
  • Quick wheel/accessory change with the spindle lock
  • Long electric cord for freedom of working
  • Budget-friendly


  • Can’t stand up heavy-duty uses

4. Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 – The lightest 4.5″ Cordless Grinder

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  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Power source: Battery
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Speed: 10,000 RPM

Regarding angle grinders, there are two notable advantages of a non-locking paddle switch over a traditional top lock-on switch.

First, it gives you the utmost safety. When you are out of control, the grinder with a lock-on switch will continue to run, and the wheel keeps spinning, causing damage to the tool and injuries to you and your coworkers. A modern grinder with a paddle switch like Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 is safer for you. It will automatically stop working when you don’t hold the switch anymore. A minor pitfall of this switch type is that it can cause fatigue to your arms if you have to use the grinder for an extended period.

Second, you can activate this grinder easily, even when wearing thick work gloves.

How about the motor’s performance? This Milwaukee runs on a 4-pole engine, a type of motor with 4 magnetic poles and around 3.0 ft-lbs of torque per horsepower. Compared to grinders with a 2-pole motor, this motor type delivers a higher torque/horsepower with less RPM. In other words, you can complete your jobs faster with less effort. Thus, Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 is frequently recommended for heavy-duty applications.

This 4 ½ angle grinder is compatible with all Milwaukee products that run on 18V Lithium-ion batteries, including 48-11-1860, 48-11-1850, 48-11-1828, 48-11-1815, 48-11-1840, 48-11-1820.

If you plan to use this grinder for light-duty jobs like cutting softwood or mild steel, you will have to spend more time compared to a 2-pole one. At 60Hz, a 4-pole grinder can deliver only 1,800RPM, while a 2-pole one can give a maximum speed of 3,600RPM.


  • Non-locking paddle switch for safer operation
  • Feature a 4-pole motor for heavy-duty applications
  • L-shaped vents to protect the engine and internal parts from metal debris


  • The 4-pole motor consumes more energy

5. Chicago Pneumatic CP7545-B Air Angle Grinder – The Fastest

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  • Weight: 5.44 pounds
  • Power source: Air
  • Speed: 12,000 RPM
  • Horsepower: 1.1 HP

The 5th candidate on my best 4-½ angle grinder list is Chicago Pneumatic CP7545-B. This grinder has a maximum rotating speed of 12,000RPM, robust enough for handling various jobs like cutting, grinding, sanding knives with flap discs, etc.

Thanks to the streamlined composite grip, this angle grinder is easy to use for left-handed and right-handed users. The soft composite grip keeps your hands well-insulated for a relaxed working experience even when working in cold temperatures.

But the best part of this Chicago Pneumatic grinder is that it runs on an air-powered engine with a horsepower of 1.1HP. The engine of this Chicago Pneumatic grinder sets a new standard in the angle grinder industry.

This engine delivers more power and speed (or higher RPM) than other electric or cordless items. Besides, it comes with various benefits like less fossil fuel, less weight, cooler and smoother operation, less wear and tear of internal components.


  • Air-powered engine for optimum performance and durability
  • Left or right-handed operation
  • High speed


  • Expensive

6. Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder – Can shut off when maintenance is needed

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  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Power source: Corded
  • Speed: 11,000 RPM
  • Horsepower: 0.91 HP

If you are a metal worker, a plumber, a vehicle fabricator, or a professional who often uses angle grinders daily, this 4 ½ inch Bosch angle grinder should be on the 1st position of your essential tools. This grinder has a 5/8 -11-inch spindle that works with many popular wheels and accessories.

Product weight is a crucial factor you should consider when purchasing an angle grinder for daily usage. This Bosch compact grinder weighs only 3.75 pounds and has a 2-position auxiliary handle, allowing you to operate it with maximum comfort.

Using a damaged wheel is risky for both the tool and its users. But, how can you know when it’s time for wheel replacement? This grinder inherits the Bosch’s Service Minder Brush System, letting you know the right time for maintenance without doing guesswork. The replacing time might differ based on how often and how vigorously you are using this tool. According to Bosch, it should be from 2 to 6 months.


  • The 5/8 – 11-inch spindle is compatible with various wheel sizes and accessories
  • Bosch’s Service Minder Brush System
  • Lightweight for effortless operation


  • Hard to change the guard’s position

7. CRAFTSMAN CMEG100 Small Angle Grinder – Also a good value for the money

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  • Weight: 4.56 pounds
  • Power source: Corded
  • Speed: 12,000 RPM
  • Voltage: 120V

If the budget does matter to you, or you are searching for an affordable angle grinder for home use or for pursuing your DIY hobby, the CRAFTSMAN CMEG100 might be a perfect fit for you. But there is much more to say about this small grinder than its low price tag.

This grinder generates an impressive power of 12,000RPM with its 6-amp motor. These two specifications mean you can complete all your cutting, grinding, or sanding tasks with this portable tool without breaking your bank account for a professional-grade item.

Besides, this grinder provides essential accessories for starters, with a 3-position over-molded grip, a wrench, a spindle lock, a grinding guard, a carbon brush, and an abrasive wheel.


  • The impressive rotating speed of 12,000RPM
  • Over-molded handle for extra comfort
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Easy to get overheating

What Is The Best Size Of Angle Grinders?

Angle grinders come in 5 sizes: 4 ½ inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches. Among them, a 4 ½ angle grinder is the best choice since you can handle it easily & use it in hard-to-reach places.

A 4.5-inch angle grinder can be used for various home projects that you desire including cutting, removing, grinding, and other fabricating metal jobs.

The only exception when you shouldn’t use it is for industrial projects in which you have to carry out heavy-duty work or cover a large working surface. In these circumstances, you should use one with a larger size.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best 4 ½ Angle Grinder?

4.5 inch angle grinder

Corded or Cordless?

To decide between a corded grinder or a cordless one, you should sort out which is your top priority: versatility, lightweight, or power.

If you prefer a more portable tool without worrying about tripping over cables, you should go for a cordless model.

However, cordless models are heavier than their corded counterparts due to the extra weight of their batteries. Therefore, if you have to use your power tool for an extended amount of time, a cordless angle grinder might not be a suitable option.

Moreover, cordless grinders can’t handle high power output. Therefore, you should choose a corded model if your projects require lots of power.

Variable or Fixed Speed?

Grinders with a fixed speed do not allow their speed limit to be changed. On the contrary, those with variable speed allow you to alter their RPMs for easier and more comfortable operation.

As a result, variable-speed grinders are best for polishing delicate surfaces or metals.

Paddle or Slide-up switches?

There are 2 types of switches available for angle grinders: paddle or slide up. In comparison, the latter is simpler to use.

The Wheel type?

An important factor to consider when you purchase an angle grinder is the wheel type. For grinders, you have multiple options ranging from cutting discs, grinding discs, flap discs, to wire discs.

Among these alternatives:

  • Cutting wheels are the thinnest and ideal for cutting metals.
  • Grinding blades, typically at least 5 mm thick, are used to clear or smooth rough surfaces.
  • Flap wheels are sandpaper-coated discs that are used to smooth rough surfaces.
  • Wire wheels are utilized to polish metals or remove paints.

Depending on the projects you will be carrying out, you’ll need to select the appropriate disc for them.

The Arbor size?

Angle grinder arbor size

A grinder’s arbor or spindle refers to the shaft on which the grinder’s disc is mounted. It indicates the wheel types that are compatible with your grinder.

For instance, ⅜”-24 means a ⅜-inch diameter and 24 threads in every inch. This is the usual arbor size for a 4 ½ angle grinder.

Is it easy to change the disc?

You should also pay attention to the ease of switching discs. Angle grinders with the feature called Quick-Change-Wheel-Release enable you to their discs quickly and conveniently without having to use a tool.

So, if you tend to switch between different types of tasks, this feature will come in very handy.

Additional safety features?

The best grinders should come with safety features including anti-kickback, auto brush-off, vibration control, etc. Since angle grinders are powerful tools that can cause severe injuries if mishandled, these features help protect you from harm.

Precautions When Using An Angle Grinder

We’ll provide you with some safety tips to ensure that you use your grinder safe and sound:

  • Wear safety gear like goggles, earplugs, gloves, a full-face mask, and a heavy-duty working outfit.
  • When switching discs, make sure that your grinder is unplugged.
  • You must utilize a disc guard so you don’t have to be concerned about any injury.
  • Before putting your grinder to use, secure your workpiece by using a vice.
  • Grip your tool using both hands to ensure a secure hold.
  • Check to see if your machine is stuck before using it to avoid kickback.
  • Allow the wheel to spin for thirty seconds after you turn the grinder on to confirm that the wheel is not defective.
  • The disc can become overheating due to continuous rotating pressure, which may damage it. Between uses, you should cool it down by using water.
  • Clear out any objects within your worksite that easily catch fire to avoid working accidents caused by sparks.
  • Make sure that children don’t have access to your angle grinder.

angle grinder safety tips

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is a 4 ½ angle grinder used for?

A 4 ½ angle grinder is a powerful handheld tool that can cut or grind through various materials like bricks, metal, mild steel, tiles, etc.

2. How deep can a 4.5-inch angle grinder cut?

A 4 and a half angle grinder can cut through concrete up to 1 inch.

3. Can I use a 4-inch wheel on a 4.5-inch angle grinder?

Using a 4-inch wheel on a 4 ½ inch angle grinder is possible. However, the 4-inch disk’s outer edge spins 89% of the 4 ½ inches’ disk’ outer edge, making it take a longer time to complete the cutting/grinding job.

4. How do I know what size angle grinder I need?

The disc size of an angle grinder determines its maximum cutting depth. The two most popular sizes are 4.5 inches (115mm) and 9 inches (230mm). You should choose the one with a disc size that aligns well with your work demands. Smaller jobs require a small disc, and vice versa, while larger jobs require a larger disc size for deeper cuts.

My Top Pick

When looking for the best 4-1/2 angle grinder, you should consider some criteria like your work demand, cutting material types, and your budget. Most importantly, you should only choose an item with safety features to protect yourself and the people around you from severe injuries.

If you need a suggestion from me, DEWALT DWE402 is my best 4.5-inch angle grinder. Although this item is not the cheapest one on this list, it has all the essential features for performing my daily tasks with utmost performance, safety, and comfort.

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