Hi, my name is Alek Lind, owner of the website AngleGrinder101.comAlek Lind

I have a strong passion for DIY and Woodworking projects. Since my early age, I have worked with my father to repair the machines in the house as well as create other toys.

With experience in using a variety of tools in Woodworking and Metal Grinding, I realize that angle grinders are really necessary tools because they can do a lot of things such as cutting, grinding, polishing, sharpening, etc.

With this AngleGrinder101.com website, I hope to be able to provide DIY and Woodworking lovers like me with the knowledge of how an angle grinder works, how we use it to cut or grind bricks, concrete, wood, and other materials.

In addition, I also give objective opinions about which angle grinder should be chosen to suit each specific job.

I saw a lot of websites for the best angle grinders, but most of them offered biased reviews just to sell their products. Hence, I decided to do my own research and start the one you are reading now.

If you have any questions regarding angle grinder or great tips on how to best use this power tool, contact me via the form here or email me at [email protected]!