Top 7 Best 9-Inch Angle Grinder Reviews (2022 Updated)

A 9-inch grinder is a powerful tool for a comprehensive list of applications, from cutting thick and dense materials to polishing an extensive area or removing rust on large metal furniture. Provided that you have the best 9-inch angle grinder, you can handle those heavy-duty jobs with ease.

In this article, I will introduce to you the 7 best-rated 9″ angle grinders that many metal workers, serious DIY hobbyists, welders, and car restoration people worldwide are using in their daily work.

Top 7 Best 9-Inch Angle Grinders on the Market

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Makita GA9060 with No Lock-On SwitchBest overallSee latest Price
Metabo 606474420 ProfessionalThe runner upSee latest Price
BOSCH 1994-6D without Lock OnThe lightest 9" Angle GrinderSee latest Price
PROMAKER PRO-ES2009Best 9-inch Angle Grinder for the MoneySee latest Price
DEWALT D28499X 7-Inch/9-InchBrush replacement reminder to prevent damagesSee latest Price
Milwaukee M18 FuelBest 7/9 angle grinderSee latest Price
Makita GAG10M1 BrushlessBest 9 in. Cordless Angle GrinderSee latest Price

In-depth 7 Top Rated 9″ Angle Grinder Reviews

1. Makita GA9060 with No Lock-On Switch – Best overall


  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 12.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 21.97 x 6.77 inches

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If you are looking for a large angle grinder that lasts a long, Makita GA9060 is an ideal choice for you.

This grinder has an aluminum gear housing for better gear alignment. In addition, its labyrinth construction protects the motor from dust and debris generated while performing tile sanding or metal polishing jobs. At the same time, the zig-zag vanishes act as a barrier to keep the motor from contamination.

How about its performance?

This Makita grinder comes with a robust 15-amp motor with a cutting depth of 9 inches (230mm) and a no-load speed of 6,600RPM. Thus, it is a reliable pick-up for various demanding applications like cutting bricks/masonry/ferrous metal, general steel grinding, rust and paint removal in surface preparation, metal polishing, shipyard maintenance, heavy machinery, auto repair work, and restoration work.

Depending on your worksite and demands, you can easily switch between AC or DC.

Since an angle grinder requires a two-handed operation, you should hold it with your two hands to stay stable and safe while tackling hard jobs. Luckily, this grinder has an ergonomic design with a 90-degree gear housing and a 3-position side handle to let you customize the tool’s position for maximizing your performance.


  • Made of high-quality material with special construction for extreme durability
  • AC/DC power options
  • Lightweight (12.1 pounds) & ergonomically designed for user’s performance and comfort


  • A bit heavy

2. Metabo 606474420 Professional – The runner up


  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 13.9 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 22.64 x 13.7 x 5.91 inches

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Besides the compact 4.5-inch grinder, every professional should have a large grinder like Metabo 606474420 for heavy-duty jobs. Made in Germany, this professional angle grinder combines 15 amps of power and the ingenuity of German engineering.

If you need to rearrange your tool for various jobs in a day, you can modify the dust shroud with no special tools. This shroud is twist-proof so that it can’t be loosened easily like on cheaper grinders. You can also rotate the main handle or adjust the side handle into 3 positions.

Another great plus of this 9-inch angle grinder is that it boasts the exclusive Metabo VibraTech (MVT). This is the integrated damping system of Metabo to lessen vibrations when working with hard or dense materials like porcelain, marble, granite, slate, etc.

Use this tool with a diamond blade of 230mm to cut those hard natural stones. However, the product package doesn’t have a diamond blade like the Vonhaus 2200w 9 inch angle grinder package.


  • Made in Germany with German standards
  • Adjustable, twist-proof dust shroud
  • Metabo Vibratech (MVT) to reduce vibration


  • No diamond blade included
  • Slightly heavy for extended use

3. BOSCH 1994-6D without Lock On – The lightest 9″ Angle Grinder


  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Horsepower: 4 HP

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Bosch 1994-6D is the highlighted product in the Bosch 1990 Series – the redefining innovation product line of Bosch. Thus, it comes with an ultra-powerful 4HP, 15-amp motor that can handle any industrial-level application with ease.

The first noticeable advantage of this Bosch 9-inch angle grinder is that it provides an astounding power-to-weight ratio for hard-working metal workers or professional welders. It weighs only 2.08 ounces (approximately 0.13 pounds), which is 20% lighter than similar grinders and is also the most lightweight item among large angle grinders on the market.

Apart from its super performance, this German-made grinder also offers you enhanced maneuverability.

First, the soft main handle can be adjustable in 90 degrees, allowing you to change the handle’s position for specific applications. When you are in your most comfortable, natural position, you can get all complex jobs done with little effort and time.

Second, the patented vibration control system in the main and side handle allows you to perform demanding jobs with 50% less vibration, reducing the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HVAS) – a common medical issue in professionals who use vibrating tools (like angle grinders, chainsaws, power drills, pneumatic drills) every day for more than 10 years. This similar vibration-absorbing side handle can be found in the 240V Hikoki G23SC4 disc grinder.


  • Best power-to-weight ratio
  • 20% lighter than similar items; 50% less vibration
  • 90-degree adjustable main handle


  • No variable-speed settings
  • No storage case

4. PROMAKER PRO-ES2009 – Best 9-inch Angle Grinder for the Money


  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 12.1 pounds
  • No-load speed: 8,400 RPM

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Generally, the larger the grinder, the more expensive it will be. But ProMaker Pro-ES2009 is an exception. This grinder has an affordable price tag and has two carbon brushes as replacements for free.

This 9-inch grinder has the same weight as the above Makita GA9060 (12.1 pounds), but it is cheaper and more powerful. It works on a 17.52-amp motor and can rotate up to 8,400 RPM. Please notice that this rated RPM is in no-load conditions, meaning that it can be lower when cutting/grinding materials.

Starting this grinder is safer thanks to the Soft Start Technology. This technology enables the tool to reach its full speed gradually, thus reducing sudden kickbacks or annoying noises.


  • Affordable
  • A powerful 17.52-amp motor
  • Soft Start Technology for safe and comfortable start-up


  • No specific complaints

5. DEWALT D28499X 7-Inch/9-Inch – Brush replacement reminder to prevent damages


  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 16.37 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.13 x 24.25 x 5.06 inches
  • Horsepower: 5.3 HP
  • Speed: 6,000 RPM

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Although battery-powered grinders are more flexible for most DIY jobs, a corded model like Dewalt D28499X is still incredible for professionals. This grinder has a high-powered motor with a maximum horsepower of 5.3 HP, which can load up to 6,000 RPM.

You might wonder how you can be protected when working with this Dewalt beast. The overload protection keeps the tool always in control, especially when working at high speeds.

Besides, the epoxy-coated armature and field prolong the tool’s service time against abrasion from dust and airborne debris. When the brushes need replacement, the tool will be automatically shut downed to prevent possible damages.

This best Dewalt grinder is available in 2 disc sizes – 7 inches and 9 inches. You can choose the size that is most suitable for your daily work.


  • Powerful 5.3 HP motor
  • Overload protection and brush replacement reminder to keep the tool in its good working condition
  • 2 disc sizes – 7 inches and 9 inches


  • Too heavy for extended use (16.37 pounds)

6. Milwaukee M18 Fuel – Best 7/9 angle grinder


  • Power source: Cordless
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5 x 24 x 12 inches
  • Speed: 6,600 RPM

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This battery-powered Milwaukee grinder has the same performance as a corded one with a 15-amp motor. It is the world’s first 18V angle grinder for industrial settings. It comes with the carrying case, the battery, and charger, which is more valuable than those with the tool only.

Since this best angle grinder uses a battery for its operation, you can easily take it to different job sites without worrying about a power source. You can also continue your work even when there is a sudden power outage or in places with no electricity available.

Its Red Lithium high-output HD12.0 battery pack offers 50% added power and operates 50% cooler than its standard red Lithium HD options. If you are using an M18 cordless tool from Milwaukee, you can utilize its battery as a secondary power source for this grinder.

Another notable advantage of this 9-inch angle grinder is that it uses a PowerState brushless motor. This motor generates fewer hot sparks, has a longer service time, works cooler, and performs better than the brushed motors.

Additionally, it requires no brush changes, thus saving you a lot of operating costs in the long run.


  • High-output Red Lithium HD Pack
  • Compatible with all tools and accessories in the M18 system of Milwaukee
  • RedLink Plus Intelligence for safe operation during heavy-duty jobs
  • High-efficient, cost-saving PowerState brushless motor


  • Mostly made of plastic

7. Makita GAG10M1 Brushless – Best 9 in. Cordless Angle Grinder


  • Power source: Cordless
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎25.63 x 13.31 x 11.85 inches

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If you prefer the brushless motor over the brushed one, you can also check this alternative from Makita. This portable 40V grinder comes as a complete kit to prepare for your work.

This pack includes the tool, a battery and charger, and a sturdy carrying case. And the most, you don’t have to scarify your convenience and performance for tangled cords or cord extensions.

Instead of manually adjusting the tool speed, the Automatic Speed Change of this Makita grinder can detect and modify the speed and torque to match your current job. This feature not only utilizes the battery capacity but also maximizes your performance while avoiding severe accidents.

Another reason that persuaded me to include this grinder on my top list is that it is designed with the user’s safety in mind.

When the disc/attachment experiences a sudden stop (for instance, the disc meets a material that is harder than its cutting capability), the Active-Feedback Sensing Technology (AFT) will turn off the tool to prevent sharp flying fragments from hurting your hands and face.

When you first turn on the tool, the Soft Start technology ensures a smooth start-up and protects the gear’s life against damages. Nonetheless, this best Makita angle grinder is also equipped with the signature Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) from Makita Tools, allowing it to work under harsh weather elements like high humidity or high-dust environments.


  • A complete, ready-made kit for professionals
  • Automatic Speed Change for optimum performance and battery usage
  • Safe operation with the Active-Feedback Sensing Technology
  • Signature Extreme Protection Technology


  • Too heavy for daily use (29 pounds)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which brand angle grinder is best?

For me, Bosch is the best angle grinder brands of all time. This brand was founded in 1886 with its headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany, by Robert Bosch. It has received a lot of reputation for its high engineering standards in angle grinders and other electrical tools.

Check more famous American-made angle grinder brands here!

2. What is a 9-inch grinder used for?

A 9-inch angle grinder is used for cutting, polishing, deburring, grinding, and finishing. This type of grinder has a powerful motor and a large cutting/grinding area of 9 inches, allowing you to make deep cuts and make quick material removal.

3. How to use a 9-inch angle grinder?

You can use this short guide for almost all 9-inch grinders.

Step 1: Choose the right disc/attachment for your grinder

You can use a 9-inch angle grinder with a disc/attachment diameter of 9 inches (230mm). For your safety, always hold the tool with two hands, and wear proper protective gear when working with this high-speed tool.

Step 2: Prepare the material

Before beginning your cutting/grinding job, you should mark the area you will be working on.

Step 3: Clamp down the material

Ensure to clamp down the material on a flat, firm worktable.

Step 4: Begin your work

Turn on the tool carefully and let it reach its full speed before applying it to the working surface. Let the tool work, follow the marked lines, and do not force it.

Step 5: Turn off the tool

Once you have finished your work, you can turn off the tool. Check if the disc/attachment has been completely stopped, then unplug it to avoid accidental starts.

4. How to choose angle grinder size?

You should choose the grinder’s size based on your work requirements. The standard disc size of 4.5 inches (115mm) is suitable for most light-duty DIY jobs or finer work, while the larger size of 9 inches (230mm) is well-suited for heavy-duty applications.

5. What is the best wattage for an angle grinder?

The wattage of your angle grinder should match with your work to get it done correctly.

  • For cutting through simple materials: 1,500 watts
  • For cutting through hard and thick materials: 2,500 watts
  • For grinding: 1,000 watts
  • For polishing: 500 watts

My Top Pick

The Makita GA9060 is my best 9-inch angle grinder for most demanding jobs. It features a reliable, sturdy design that mixes up a powerful motor with maneuverability and comfort. Its best power-to-weight ratio promises to assist you in all the toughest industrial jobs, whether you are a welder, a stone finisher, a metal fabricator, or a mason.

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