8 Best Face Shields for Angle Grinders (2022 Updated)

When working with any power tool, safety gears are a must. No matter how experienced you are or how many protective features your tool is equipped with, it’s always best to not leave it to chance.

Today’s article is all about the best face shield for angle grinder operators. Besides protecting your face area from any accident while you’re working with the grinder, you can also count on these face shields to protect your face from flying debris and spark.

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Top 8 Best Face Shields for Angle Grinders 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Lincoln Electric OMNIShield K3750-1Best Face Shield for Grinding MetalSee latest Price
Lincoln Electric OMNIShield  K3753-1The Runner UpSee latest Price
Uvex Bionic S8510 Anti-FogBest Anti-Fog And Anti-Scratch Face ShieldSee latest Price
3M WP96 Ratchet Headgear H8A Clear PolycarbonateBest Faceshield For Solid ConstructionSee latest Price
Honeywell Bionic Uvex S8500The Cheapest Face ShieldSee latest Price
Jackson Safety 14201 MaxviewBest Comfort Face Shield For Your HeadSee latest Price
Sellstrom S390010 Full Safety Mask For Men And WomenA Budget-Friendly Grinder Face ShieldSee latest Price
Sellstrom S32161b Cutting Grinding Safety Face Shield With Ratchet HeadgearBest Industrial Face ShieldSee latest Price

In-depth 8 Top Rated Face Shield for Angle Grinders Reviews

1. Lincoln Electric OMNIShield K3750-1 – Best Face Shield for Grinding Metal

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Grinding and working with metal or concrete by angle grinders is a job that requires a lot of protection due to the higher chance of flying metal shavings and sparks. We found the OMNIShield K3750-1 to be one of the few models on the market with the right characteristics to meet up with this challenge.

The selling point of this model is the fortified face protection lens. The lens is a single piece of high-density polycarbonate material that’s been tested to be able to withstand impacts at speeds up to 300 miles per hour.

According to Lincoln Electric, the K3750-1 has a higher protection rating than “traditional face shields”. This is due to a thicker visor than normal, measuring 0.077 inches (1.95mm) compared to 0.040 inches (1mm) in other face shields.

Because this is the standard version, the polycarbonate lens is bare and without any special treatment. If you want to get the most out of your face shield, consider getting the models that come with dual-coating visors. In these versions, the polycarbonate is further treated with an anti-fog and an anti-scratch layer.

The lens profile is contoured to protect not just the face area of the wearer but also the neck. Additionally, it shouldn’t interfere with any tool or other pieces of your PPE rig.

When worn, the face shield is strapped securely to the head through a front and back headband. The bands are cushioned for extra comfort. You’re also totally free to adjust the fit. There’s a ratchet for you to change the tightness of the bands and a slide to adjust the distance between the visor and your face. The visor can also be rotated.

The OMNIShield K3750-1 can be worn with a hard hat using an adapter.

2. Lincoln Electric OMNIShield  K3753-1 – The Runner Up

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This is the same face shield that we introduced earlier, but with a twist: it comes with a Shade 3. The polycarbonate lens has a special coating to protect your eyes from infrared radiation. So, other than protecting your face from full impact, the lens can protect your vision while you’re brazing, oxy-fuel cutting, or plasma cutting, too.

If you’re wondering what Shade 3 means, it’s a reference number to indicate how “dark” the shading of the visor is. The number can vary from Shade 3 (the lightest) to Shade 14 (the darkest). Darker visors can block more infrared and UV light, which are harmful to your eyes.

Shade 3 is good for grinding and Shade 5 is good for cutting.

Note that the IR visors don’t come with anti-fog or anti-scratch layers.

3. Uvex Bionic S8510 Anti-Fog – Best Anti-Fog And Anti-Scratch Face Shield

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Unlike the Lincoln Electric OMNIShield, the Uvex Bionic S8510 wraps around your entire face to protect you not just from impacts and debris, but also chemical splashes. When worn, it covers the top of your head all the way down to your chin.

The front visor is made from a clear piece of high-density polycarbonate. It is treated with an anti-fog and anti-scratch layer to improve visibility as well as enhance durability. The visor is totally replaceable and the company sells many variants, some of which are tinted.

If, other than working with your angle grinder, you also work around electrical equipment, the good news is that this faceguard for angle grinder is 100% dielectric. It’s made entirely from plastic with no metal part, so you can work safely around electricity.

In terms of ergonomics, the Uvex Bionic S8510 satisfies all of the criteria for a comfortable and usable face mask. The band at the rear is padded with soft foam for extra comfort. You can adjust the position of the visor as well as adjust the tightness through the ratchets and slides on the mask.

Behind the mask, there’s still plenty of space for you to wear your protective goggles and your respiratory mask. Do note that while the mask provides a high degree of protection, it’s still recommended that you still wear your normal safety goggles and glasses behind the face mask.

4. 3M WP96 Ratchet Headgear H8A Clear Polycarbonate – Best Faceshield For Solid Construction

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When it comes to PPE gear, 3M is often the go-to brand for many. Their products have had a stellar reputation for reliability and quality for decades. The best offering that the company currently has when it comes to face shields at the moment is the WP96.

The face protection shield is sold as one piece: the headgear and the polycarbonate visor will arrive at your door completely assembled. All you have to do is put them on.

It is able to provide decent impact protection thanks to the solid construction and material of both the headgear and the visor. The headgear is constructed from aluminum and thermoplastic (unfortunately, the presence of aluminum means it is not dielectric like the Uvex Bionic S8510). Like every other face shield, the visor is built from clear polycarbonate.

You can adjust the fit through a crown strap and a ratchet suspension. The crown strap has five positions and the ratchet has thirteen.

But while this sounds nice in theory, in practice, we’ve seen a fair amount of reports from customers stating that the adjustment system doesn’t do a good job at improving comfort. It merely makes the face shield wearable for a short period before it gets uncomfortable or painful. 

So, we recommend snapping up this model if you’re not going to be angle grinding very often or don’t work for long periods.

5. Honeywell Bionic Uvex S8500 – The Cheapest Face Shield

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If you’re looking for the best grinder face shield with a full-face design, the Honeywell Bionic Face Shield UVEX S8500 isn’t a bad option. 

This mask covers the top of your head, your chin, as well as the sides of your face. It is basically complete frontal protection against impact, flying debris, as well as chemical splashes.

The centerpiece of the mask is the clear polycarbonate visor at the front, which offers a completely unobstructed view when worn. You can remove the visor and replace it whenever you want. The company sells many different kinds of replacement visors, some of which are tinted.

As the headgear is constructed from plastic with no metal component, it is dielectric.

To the side of the headgear, you’ll find adjustment knobs that you can use to tighten or loosen the fit to make it more comfortable to wear. To improve comfort, the back of the head strap is padded with foam.

6. Jackson Safety 14201 Maxview – Best Comfort Face Shield For Your Head

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The Jackson Safety 14201 MAXVIEW is a full-face shield. The headgear covers the top of your head down to your chin. So, beside flying debris, it’s also going to be able to protect you against chemical splashes. The clear, oversized visor offers a panoramic view and won’t obstruct your vision.

The visor is made from clear polycarbonate. You get the option between an uncoated version and a version that’s treated with an anti-fog layer.

However, the most “impressive” feature that this face shield has is the 370 Speed Dial system. It is a fit adjustment system that you can control via a fine-toothed ratcheting knob. When you turn the knob, it’s going to actuate a rear swivel adjuster band to tighten or loosen the fit around your head.

Most of the reports we’ve seen from customers about the face shield all detail positive experiences with the system. The 370 Speed Dial mechanism does seem to be able to deliver a good fit around the head. For this reason, we consider it one of the best industrial face shields on the market at the moment in terms of comfort.

According to Jackson Safety, it is engineered so that you will be able to find the right fit level quickly without overtightening. Furthermore, it’s also usable while you’re wearing safety gloves.

7. Sellstrom S390010 Full Safety Mask For Men And Women – A Budget-Friendly Grinder Face Shield

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Like the 3M WP96, the Sellstrom S390010 mask is made for people who need facial protection on a budget. It doesn’t offer full-face protection and the design is rather simple, but ultimately, it does the job.

The visor is made from one piece of impact-resistant polycarbonate. It seems like it’s treated with a layer of anti-scratch, too, which can improve its lifespan significantly. The top of the head is protected by a headgear made from thermoplastic, which is able to deflect debris and absorb impact.

You can adjust the fit of the headgear via a ratcheting knob. The fit that it offers isn’t 100% perfect, but it does the trick at least for a short while before it gets painful.

8. Sellstrom S32161b Cutting Grinding Safety Face Shield With Ratchet Headgear – Best Industrial Face Shield

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If the Sellstrom S390010 is the budget-friendly version, then consider the S32161B – the high-end variant. We’re not going to mince words: this variant costs a whole lot more. But, in return, you get a much more protective mask, better fit, and more features overall.

The first piece of the protection system involves a full-length polycarbonate visor. It is treated with an anti-fog coating and is contoured so that it frames your face and provides protection in all directions. You can count on the visor to catch flying debris, sparks, as well as chemical splashes.

But, unlike other visors on the list, the Sellstrom S32161B comes with a secondary flip-up visor. At the front is a mounting bracket for a shaded flip-up visor. Depending on your needs, you can install one of four different types of visors: a Shade 5, Shade 6, Shade 6B, or a Shade 8 visor. You can pick the different types while checking the headgear out.

The ratchet headgear can be flexibly adjusted so that it frames snugly around your head. We’ve seen nothing but positive reports about the ratcheting headgear suspension system of the S32161B.

After you’ve acquired a good fit, the headgear ensures that you would be able to wear the face shield and work for long periods through the generous padding on the straps. They greatly decrease the stress bearing down on your head.

All pieces of the face shield are replaceable.

Due to its unique design and high protective capability, the Sellstrom S32161B is easily one of the best industrial face shields on the list.


1. Can You Use An Angle Grinder Without The Shield?

You can, but it’s not recommended. A grinding face shield can protect you against flying pieces of materials or shrapnels from broken grinding wheels. In such accidents, you could be injured or worse. As a result, many workplaces mandate the use of face shields – no exception.

2. Are Face Shields Required For Grinding?

For any kind of operation that uses an angle grinder, be it grinding or cutting, it’s best that you wear a face shield.

3. What Are The Disadvantages Of Face Shields?

They’re bulky, heavy, hot, and they can be pretty difficult to breathe in. Some face shields are also very uncomfortable to wear, especially if they don’t have a good fittings system.

Nevertheless, the protection they offer outweighs the disadvantages.

Our Top Pick

Our pick for the best face shield for angle grinder title in this article is going to be the Lincoln Electric OMNIShield K3750-1.

Yes, there are models with better protection ratings and features like the Sellstrom S32161B. However, the OMNIShield K3750-1 strikes a nice balance between pricing, protection, comfort, and features. We think it’s going to be the one most people would be going for, no matter if you’re an amateur or professional.

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