Top 7 Best Angle Grinder Wheels for Cutting Metal Reviews (2022 Updated)

Besides a high-quality angle grinder, you need to choose cut-off wheels to cut through metal bars and metal sheets. These wheels are thinner but sharper than grinding discs, making them more dangerous when working with.

Hence, you should choose the best angle grinder wheel for cutting metal to maintain your performance and protect you from unwanted injuries and accidents.

This article will provide you with an in-depth review of the 7 best-rated wheels used by DIY hobbyists and professionals worldwide.

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Top 7 Best Angle Grinder Wheels for Cutting Metal 2022

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
DEWALT DW8062B5 Cutting WheelBest overallSee latest Price
Delta Diamond Extreme 4.5-inch Metal Cutting Diamond BladeLongest lasting cut-off wheelSee latest Price
LENOX Tools 1972921 Cutting Wheel, Diamond EdgeSolid steel bodySee latest Price
Makita 5 Pack 4.5" Cut Off WheelsBest cutting disc for stainless steelSee latest Price
WORKPRO 20-pack Thin Metal Cutting DiscSuitable for cutting thin metalSee latest Price
OCM 50-Pack 4” Cut Off Wheels For Cutting All Ferrous Metals and Stainless SteelGreat price tagSee latest Price
SI FANG 25-Pack 3-inch Cut Off Wheels for All Ferrous Metals and Stainless SteelHigh tensile strengthSee latest Price

In-depth 7 Top Rated Angle Grinder Wheels For Cutting Metal Reviews

1. DEWALT DW8062B5 Cutting Wheel, General Purpose Metal Cutting – Best overall

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If you are a professional craftsman, you should not neglect the Dewalt DW8062B5. This versatile cutting wheel has a popular diameter of 4.5 inches and a thickness of 0.045 inches, allowing you to perform most of your metalwork, from cutting, sharpening, polishing, or grinding.

What contributes to the fast burr-free cutting performance of this general-purpose disc?

First, it is made of premium aluminum oxide, resulting in smooth, fast, and easy-to-control. This wheel can cut various types of metal, like stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, rebar, sheet metal, etc.

Second, this high-quality material is more durable than other cheaper wheels on the market. Although the grain can get dulled over time, it can promise to deliver a precise cutting experience for quite a long time without breaking your bank account.

Third, this wheel has a maximum rotating speed of 13,300 RPM, making it an ideal choice for both light-duty to heavy-duty tasks.

If you often have to do metalwork on a daily basis, this bulk purchase from Dewalt can save you a lot of money and time versus purchasing a single wheel. This pack has 5 items, of which 1 item is for free.


  • A popular diameter of 4.5 inches
  • Contain aluminum oxide grain for smooth and fast cutting performance
  • A maximum speed of 13,300RPM for added functionality


  • Not compatible with Bosch and Ryobi angle grinders

2. Delta Diamond Extreme 4.5-inch Metal Cutting Diamond Blade – Longest lasting cut-off wheel

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Why is this Delta Diamond Extreme disc rated as the longest-lasting cut-off wheel?

It has a heat-treated steel core that is engineered to withstand tough dry-cutting with minor corrosion, wear, tear, and damage with time. As stated by the manufacturer, this disc can last 100 times longer than ordinary abrasive wheels.

Thus, you will save a lot of time and money on wheel replacement. Another strong plus of this premium diamond wheel is its uneven cutting depth with fewer hot sparks than traditional items.

This Delta disc has super-abrasive vacuum-brazed diamond edges, making it a perfect option for cutting rebar or PVC pipes. Plus, you can use this wheel on both ferrous (cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel) and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc, tin, lead).

Another reason this wheel is a top choice for professionals is that it goes with a lifetime warranty. If you experience breaks, cracks, warps, or any problems with this wheel, you can contact the manufacturer to get a new one for free!


  • Suitable for cutting various types of metal and other materials
  • Heat-treated steel core for excellent durability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Slightly overpriced

3. LENOX Tools 1972921 Cutting Wheel, Diamond Edge – Solid steel body

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To reduce metal fabrication costs, you need to choose a sturdy cutting wheel to handle your metal cutting work. This wheel from Lenox Tools can deliver up to 1,000 cuts without losing its original diameter.

Its solid steel body lasts 30 times longer than thin bonded abrasive wheels, thus reducing cost per cut and maximizing your earnings.

While an angle grinder is a compact and affordable tool for metal cutting, it can generate a lot of hot sparks and debris while working at high speeds. This blade doesn’t wear down quickly like thin abrasive items since it has a solid steel body. Thus, it generates fewer dust particles.

As a result, your worksite will be less messy, and you will have fewer risks of burn or injuries while performing this risky work. For the safety of your workplace and your coworkers, you should place the grinder far away from inflammable objects. And remember to wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when.

This 4.5-inch wheel has a thickness approximately of 1 inch (7/8″ as for exactly), making it best suitable for standard daily jobs on stainless or mild steel. However, it might be too tough to handle thin metal like sheet metal and fragile for heavy-duty steel cutting jobs.


  • Can deliver up to 1,000 cuts
  • 1-inch thick, suitable for standard metalwork
  • Solid steel body for added safety, productivity, and lower cost per cut


  • Have a slower cutting speed than abrasive wheels

4. Makita 5 Pack 4.5″ Cut Off Wheels For 4.5″ Angle Grinders – Best cutting disc for stainless steel

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This pack of 5 wheels from Makita is an affordable choice for DIY hobbyists, homeowners, or metalworkers who often use angle grinders to cut metal daily. This product pack comes with five 4-½-inch wheels. These 5 wheels are Type 1 (flat), offering higher versatility on various metal profiles, or when cutting corners or anything that requires you to cut upside or cut on two different surfaces.

The second reason this angle grinder metal cutting disc stands out from the crowd is its excellent build quality. The exclusive Synthetic Resinoid Bond Matrix of Makita combines premium white aluminum oxide with phenol resin for extra precision, stability, and integrity. Nonetheless, this unique material also lessens shatter, wear-off compared to lower-priced wheels.

Furthermore, this cutting disc is contaminant-free and contains less than 0.1% of iron, chlorine, and sulfur. You can safely use this disc to cut stainless steel and aluminum without worrying about rust or corrosion.


  • Affordable
  • Type 1 wheels for extra versability
  • Exclusive Synthetic Resinoid Bond Matrix for better cutting performance, lifetime usage, and safety


  • Hard to get into tight corners like Type 27 wheels

5. WORKPRO 20-pack Thin Metal Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder – Suitable for cutting thin metal

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To ensure a fast and efficient cutting on thin metal with minimal material loss, you should choose an ultra-thin disc with a thickness of 1mm or less.

This valuable pack of 20 discs from WorkPro is only 7/8-inch thick and is compatible with all 4 ½ inch angle grinders with a 7/8-inch arbor and a maximum working speed of 13,000RPM and 80M/S (for instance, Hitachi G12SR4, Dewalt DWE402).

This item promises to deliver fast and precise cuts on carbon steel, pipe, stainless steel, copper, iron, and other ferrous metals.

The solid construction of this WorkPro disc allows it to perform aggressive, burr-free cutting. It is made from corundum and white alundum grain and reinforced with a double fiberglass mesh. Thus, it provides a reliable working performance for your projects while protecting you and your coworkers from unwanted accidents.


  • Suitable for cutting thin metals
  • Compatible with 4 ½ inch angle grinders
  • Made from corundum and white alundum grain for excellent durability and cutting performance


  • No specific complaints

6. OCM 50-Pack 4” Cut Off Wheels For Cutting All Ferrous Metals and Stainless Steel – Great price tag

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There are two essential factors you need to check when purchasing cut-off wheels – item quantity and disc thickness. This wheel has a thickness of 7/16 inches, which is strong enough to cut through thick metals like ferrous metals and stainless steel.

Plus, there are 50 wheels in this pack, meaning that you can always have new discs for replacement on your worksite with a great price tag instead of purchasing a single item with a higher price and having to wait too long for shipping.

This 4-inch metal cutting wheel pack is compatible with all angle grinders and pneumatic grinders. Each wheel is made of aluminum oxide composition with two bonded sheets of fiberglass mesh to deliver quick and accurate cuts with utmost safety.

This wheel continuously sharpens itself when working, meaning that it can always maintain a high cut-rate until the last cut.


  • 7/16-inch thick, ideal for cutting thick ferrous metals
  • Made of aluminum oxide composition with fiberglass meshes for excellent durability and safety
  • Compatible with all 4-inch angle grinders and pneumatic grinders


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty cutting jobs

7. SI FANG 25-Pack 3-inch Cut Off Wheels for All Ferrous Metals and Stainless Steel – High tensile strength

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The last candidate on my review is Si Fang cut-off wheel bulk pack. This wheel has a small thickness of 1/16 inches, ensuring fast and clean cuts for all ferrous metals and stainless steel with less heat and less effort.

The combination of aluminum oxide and fiberglass makes this cutting wheel have the high tensile strength to cut through all metal surfaces with high stability and accuracy. When compared with its counterparts, this wheel poses less premature damages and lasts longer.

This 3-inch Si Fang wheel can withstand a super-fast operation speed of 20,000 RPM and 80M/S. So, you can use this wheel with many angle grinder models to achieve all your tasks.

There are 25 wheels in a pack, and each one is covered with moisture-proof fiber cloth to keep it protected from corrosion and rust.


  • Can withstand a maximum speed of 20,000 RPM and 80M/S
  • Can cut ferrous metal and stainless steel


  • Not suitable with popular 4 ½-inch angle grinders

How To Choose The Best Angle Grinder Blade For Cutting Metal?

Disc size

The disc size, or the diameter of a cutting disc, plays a critical role in your cutting time. That says, bigger discs can help you get your metal cutting jobs done faster than smaller ones. Don’t forget to check if the disc size is compatible with your tool or not.

Apart from the disc size, you should also check the disc’s thickness. Ultra-thin discs are often recommended for smooth and accurate cuts.

Disc quality

Aluminum oxide is the best material for an angle grinder wheel to cut metal. Discs made of this material are sturdy and robust for high-demanding jobs with no wear or tear.

Disc quantity

The number of discs depends on how often you will use your angle grinder.

For example, if you are a homeowner or DIY hobbyist who occasionally uses this powerful tool for simple, light-duty tasks, you only need to prepare one disc.

But if you want your device to perform various applications on many different materials, you should buy more than one disc.


The RPM (revolutions per minute or rotations per minute) equals the maximum number of turns that an angle grinder disc can handle per minute. The higher the RPM, the faster the disc can perform.

You should choose fast wheels for cutting or grinding through metal easily and quickly. The RPM of a wheel should not be lower than 3,900 RPM.

Material compatibility

You should ensure that the disc is compatible with the working material and the tool for your performance and safety. For example, a grinding disc that can work on fiberglass only can’t be used for other materials.

A metal cut-off disc is versatile since it can be used for various materials.

Easy to assemble/disassemble

The ease of use is an essential factor for both beginners and professionals. Make sure your chosen disc is easy to assemble or disassemble on your grinder. Otherwise, you will end up breaking the disc or hurting your hands.

How To Cut Metal With An Angle Grinder?

cut metal by angle grinder
Angle grinder can cut through Metal

Choose your required tools

Before beginning your metal cutting job, ensure that you have all the following essential tools for the work:

  • The best angle grinder
  • An appropriate power supply
  • A long electric cord (if your grinder is a corded electric one)
  • Earmuffs
  • A proper metal cutting/grinding disc
  • A C-clamp to clamp your metal
  • A shop drawing or a sample/a template of the work

Prepare safety gears

For your safety, you should wear some required safety gears when working with this powerful and fast tool:

  • Eyeglasses – to prevent hot sparks from burning your eyes
  • Safety work boots – to protect your feet
  • Long and tight sleeves/ pants or bib overall – to avoid the clothes from entangling the power cord or the tool
  • Protective gloves – to keep your fingers and hands safe from sharp metal particles
  • Secure floor – to prevent unwanted falls. Your working area should be dry and free of flammable objects, litter, obstacles, and water spillages.

Wear Safety Equipment

Install the disc onto your grinder

To do this, open the spindle, put the metal disc, then tighten the spindle nut to keep the disc in place.

Remember to unplug the tool (if it is a corded one) or remove the battery (if it is battery-powered), and wear all your protective gear when assembling the disc.

Mark your cut

Clamp the metal securely on the worktop, then use a scratch awl to outline the cutting lines that you want to perform on the metal.

  • For straight cuts: mark the two ends of the cutting line, then make a straight line to connect these two ends.
  • For pattern/zigzag cuts: draw all the bends of the design, sketch the straight lines with an awl, then highlight the entire cutting line.

mark the metal before cutting

Turn on the tool and start cutting carefully

Switch on the angle grinder to make the disc rotating. Then, hold the tool securely with two hands and start your first cut lightly by following the outlines and letting the disc do its job.

Smoothen your cut

After finishing the cutting lines, the rough-cut edges are still sharp and dangerous to touch.

You should smoothen these edges with a 40-grit flapper disc. Install this disc on your tool, then run it along these rough edges to make it safe to touch.

Extra tips

To use your tool safely and efficiently, follow some extra tips:

  • Let your grinder rest for a few hours before using it again.
  • An angle grinder can perform cuts on many types of metals like sheet metal, hard steel, etc. To cut hard metal, you need to use a diamond cutting disc to cut quickly.
  • Angle grinders are versatile but can be dangerous even for professionals. Thus, you should be careful when using it.
  • Follow the safety instructions from the tool’s manufacturer before starting your project. This extra step will guarantee to maintain your performance and protect you from possible accidents and damages.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How thick of metal can a cut-off wheel cut?

A cut-off wheel can cut metal pieces with a thickness from 0.045 to 1/8 inches.

2. What is the difference between type 1 and type 27 cutting wheels?

A Type-1 cutting wheel is a thick disc-shaped wheel used to grind on materials’ edges on bench grinders and straight grinders. This wheel is more versatile when cutting corners or anything that requires working on two cutting surfaces.

On the other hand, a Type-27 cutting wheel is commonly used on angle grinders. It is a saucer or center-depressed cutting wheel that is used to grind on the wheel’s face.

3. How do you attach an angle grinder to a cutting wheel?

To attach a cutting wheel to an angle grinder:

  • Step 1: Wear safety gloves and make sure that your cutting wheel is in good condition (no damages, no chipping).
  • Step 2: Place the cutting wheel in place, then thread the flange by hand or by a spanner wrench.
  • Step 3: Hold the wheel, then turn it clockwise until the flange locks in place.
  • Step 4: Hold the wheel lock button, then turn it until it is secured in place.

My Top Pick

I have completed the detailed reviews on the best angle grinder wheel for cutting metal. Dewalt DW8062B5 is my first in mind as the best option for all general metal cutting demands. This disc has a popular size of 4.5 inches and can cut various types of metal. Apart from cutting, you can use it for grinding, sharpening, and polishing metal.

Whether which item you choose, don’t forget to wear proper safety clothes and accessories before starting your job. Also, always follow safety guidelines and choose the right disc for the right metal type for an efficient and safe cutting experience.

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