Bosch 1375A Grinder Review: The Good & Bad

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to get a good angle grinder. Evidence? The Bosch 1375A. Affordable, but no less capable and well-designed, this angle grinder has become very popular among DIY-ers and budget-minded professional users.

In this Bosch 1375A review, we’ll be looking deep into this small angle grinder and see where its strengths and weaknesses lie.

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About Bosch Angle Grinders

Bosch (also known by its full name “Robert Bosch GmbH”) is a trusted name when it comes to power tools. As a matter of fact, despite Bosch being a multi-sectored company, it is known by most for its power tools, power tools accessories, and measuring tools.

The reason is simple: Bosch tools almost always excel at what they do.

They have a very good track record of making products with reliable performance and ergonomics design. The pricing of most Bosch products – despite their decent balance between performance and design – is affordable for most parts.

Bosch 1375A Review: Key Features

Bosch 1375A review

6-amp Motor & ⅝-11 UNC Spindle Thread

The bread and butter of the Bosch 1375A grinder is the 6-amp motor. It delivers the power that the grinding disc would need to work at high speed. The no-load speed of this small angle grinder is around 11,000 RPM.

This gives it enough performance to handle a variety of heavy-duty tasks like metal fabrication, concrete restoration, pipe installation, and so on.

The Bosch 1375A comes with a ⅝-11 UNC spindle lock. It accepts 4 ½-inch grinding wheels.

Slide Switch with Lock-on Feature

A slide switch is located near the front of the tool, right where your thumb would be when wrapped around the handle. To activate the angle grinder, simply push the switch.

There are many competing trigger designs, from the slide switch here, to the trigger button switch, to the paddle switch. Some people will prefer a design to others. But generally speaking, most people prefer a paddle switch angle grinder due to their security.

The slide switch has a lock-on mechanism to keep the slide in place even when you take your finger off of the switch. A super useful feature for when you need a continuous operation.

Decent Build Quality & Ergonomics Design

Like every other Bosch tool, the 1375A angle grinder has a pretty solid construction. The body is cast from impact-resistant plastic and painted in the classic blue livery of Bosch’s tools.

While I’m inspecting the angle grinder’s body, I noticed that the handle is notably shorter than other models on the market at just 10.5 inches. Most angle grinders usually measure around 11 to 12 inches long. This makes the Bosch 1375A uniquely compact and a great tool to use if you ever have to work in cramped, awkward spaces.

In return, though, the shorter body is a bit more difficult to hold onto, especially when the tool is under high load.

At the front of the tool, the gear assembly housing is made from solid, lightweight metal. 

Attached to the side of the housing is the plastic side handle. Depending on what your dominant hand is, you can re-adjust the side handle so as to be more comfortable. The handle is sleek. You can wrap your entire hand around it and work for long periods without feeling too much fatigue.

Safety Mechanisms

The Bosch 1375A comes loaded with a variety of safety mechanisms.

When the brushes in your angle grinder’s motor become worn out, the Service Minder Brush System activates. It will shut down the motor and let off several beeps to tell you that you have to replace the brushes. Replacement brushes are cheap and easy to install.

Lightweight Body

Aside from being a very compact angle grinder, the Bosch 1375A is also very lightweight for what it’s capable of. 

The tool weighs only around 3.75 pounds. If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable model to bring with you, this small angle grinder is more than capable of meeting up with your needs.

Bosch 1375A feature review

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Durable Inner Design

A good angle grinder should have no problem working in a dusty, debris-filled environment like a construction site, a workshop, or a garage. To that end, it must have a dust-proof inner design. If any dust or debris particle manages to infiltrate deep into the angle grinder, the machine would malfunction in only a few days.

Bosch aims to prevent this by equipping the 1375A with an epoxy-coated field winding. It protects the angle grinder from dust and debris infiltration, ensuring that it can work reliably even in the dirtiest and harshest of environments.

Burst-Protection Guard

The blade guard (called the “Burst-protection guard” by Bosch) is made from solid metal. If anything was to happen to the blade, the guard would keep you from being injured.

It’s possible to remove the guard if you want to use the 1375A with larger grinding wheels. However, Bosch doesn’t recommend it since it compromises the angle grinder’s safety.

Besides protecting you from the blade, the guard also pulls double duty as a spark deflector. It does a pretty decent job at it.

What I Like About Bosch 1375A

  • Decent 6-amp motor
  • Versatile 4 ½-inch grinding wheel
  • Convenient slide switch with lock-on feature
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Dust-proof inner architecture
  • Loaded with safety features
  • Solid blade guard

What I Don’t Like About Bosch 1375A

  • There’s a newer version with a more powerful 7-amp motor
  • Some people may not like the slide switch

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Review Summary

To conclude this Bosch 1375A angle grinder review, I found that this model is an extremely valuable purchase for people looking for an affordable, compact grinder. For the price, the performance and features it offers are simply superb. Although it has its flaws, none of them are really deal-breakers if this is truly the model that you want.

The only thing that’s close to a “consider-before-you-buy” is that there are newer models in Bosch’s portfolio that have better value than the 1375A. For example, the Bosch GWS8-45 offers a 7.5-amp motor and pretty much all of the features that the 1375A has. The kicker here is that the GWS8-45 offers all of that for the same price as the 1375A.

Consider your options carefully before you make your purchase!

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