DeWalt DWE402 Grinder Review: The Good & Bad

A good angle grinder is an essential tool to have. Depending on the disc size, you can cut and grind a variety of materials from soft timber to thick metal sheets.

In this DeWalt DWE402 review, I’ll be looking through one of the more notable small angle grinders out there. Compact, powerful, and has a fairly affordable price, it can be a good choice for anyone looking to buy a new angle grinder.

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About DeWalt Angle Grinders

DeWalt has been building high-quality tools since 1923. The company’s portfolio is extremely diverse. You can find products ranging from power drills, pneumatic tools, impact drivers, all the way to angle grinders.

Although DeWalt is considered by most to be a mid-range to high-end brand, their products tend to be worth the investment. Their high build quality means they can last for a long time. 

Additionally, with a long history of building some of the best-performing tools on the market, you’re in safe hands if you’re hoping to get the most bangs for your bucks.

DeWalt DWE402 Review: Key Features

DeWalt DWE402 review

11-amp Motor

The DWE402’s performance is derived from the 11-amp electric motor packed inside of the handle. With it, the grinder can achieve a decent no-load speed of 11,000 RPMs. This is good enough performance for the grinder to be able to handle heavy-duty tasks, such as grinding, cutting, or smoothing metal.

DeWalt has built the motor with oversized brushes, which translates to higher brush life overall than older models. Furthermore, the inclusion of a large bevel gear improves the lifespan of the transmission system in the motor.

Both of these features lengthen the durability of the motor (and by extension the angle grinder) significantly.

4 ½-inch Grinding Wheel and ⅝” -11 Spindle

The DeWalt DWE402 angle grinder accepts 4 ½-inch grinding wheels and has an arbor size of ⅝”x11 threads. There is a spindle lock button on the grinder that you can use to adjust the tightness of the wrench. You don’t have to bother with using two wrenches when you change out the wheel.

Speaking of wheel-changing, the spindle is designed in such a way that changing the grinding wheel won’t require any special tool. You can switch out the disc in just a minute. This is ideal for people who use the grinder regularly and burn through a lot of discs at once.

Paddle Switch

Similar to most angle grinders in its class, the DeWalt DWE402 comes with a paddle switch. It is equipped with a safety-lock feature to avoid accidental start-ups. At the chaotic construction site and during rush jobs, this small feature could keep you from being injured.

The paddle switch has a small gripping surface, which provides greater comfort. You can operate the angle grinder for a longer period of time before fatigue sets in.

Ambidextrous, Comfortable Handle

The side handle is ambidextrous. You can adjust it as you see fit until you’re most comfortable. This is a huge bonus point towards the ergonomics of the design.

Compact Design

DWE402’s dimensions are just right to fit snugly in the hands of most people, being neither too big nor too small. Its compact size means you can use the angle grinder in tight, awkward spaces without feeling too uncomfortable.

Measuring 15 inches in length, the DWE402 has a long enough handle to not slip out of your hands while you’re working with it.

Durable Metal-Plastic Construction

The body of the DWE402 is made from a combination of impact-resistant plastic and metal. Most of the grinder’s body is cast from plastic to reduce weight. The gear housing at the front is made from metal.

Compared to heavy-duty angle grinders with bodies cast from 100% metal out there, the DWE402 may not last quite as long. It also won’t be able to withstand a lot of impacts. 

Nevertheless, for most applications, the DeWalt DWE402 will still hold up well. Just take good care of it and it’ll take care of you.

One-Touch Guard

The metal blade guard on the DWE402 can be flexibly rotated 360°. It will protect you from debris a lot better than a fixed guard. The guard also serves as a spark deflector. It does a fairly good job in this respect.

DeWalt DWE402 one touch guard

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Dust Ejection System

As you work with the grinder, dust and debris will be flinging everywhere. This condition is going to worsen if you work in dirty environments like construction sites. 

If dirt and debris gets into the angle grinder’s innards, they could drastically reduce the tool’s lifespan. There’s a good chance that they would damage the tool permanently.

To counter this problem, DeWalt has equipped the DWE402 with a dust ejection system. When dirt particles and debris enter the grinder, they will be promptly ejected out of the tool’s vent port.

Safety Mechanisms

The DeWalt DWE402 comes loaded with a variety of safety mechanisms. Some protect the tool from being damaged, some protect the user from being injured.

As an example, there’s a mechanism inside of the motor to stop power when the motor’s brushes fail and have to be replaced. This effectively prevents you from accidentally damaging the motor.

When the motor is too stressed due to the high workload and is at risk of burning out, the safety switch will turn on and disrupt power. Once again, this is to prevent the motor from being damaged.

You can check the manual to learn about all of the safety mechanisms available on the DWE402.

What I Like About DeWalt DWE402

  • Affordable
  • Compact design suitable for working in cramped spaces
  • High-performing motor
  • Comfortable paddle switch
  • Heavy-duty design with dust ejection system
  • Equipped with multiple safety features

What I Don’t Like About DeWalt DWE402

  • At 6.2 pounds, it could be heavy to some
  • More suitable for experienced users
  • Does not include discs in the box.

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Review Summary

For all of these reasons, if you’re looking for an affordable, high-performing angle grinder, the DeWalt DWE402 model comes highly recommended.

You will be able to do some good work with the power provided by the 11-amp motor. The 4 ½-inch grinding wheel is highly versatile and can prove to be useful for amateurs and professionals alike. Its compact, ergonomic design can suit the needs of many users, especially people who are needing a small angle grinder.

All in all, the DeWalt DWE402 has many great things going for it. I’m certain that it won’t let you down. Give it a shot!

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