Makita 9565CV Grinder Review: The Good & Bad

Ergonomics is something that every buyer looks for when it comes to getting a new angle grinder. After all, you may have to work with the tool for hours on end. A comfortable grip that won’t make your wrist ache after a while is appreciated.

In this Makita 9565CV review, I’m looking through one of the top-rated grinders on the market that can deliver that. Not only is it comfortable to use, but the 9565CV also has high performance and great durability to boot.

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About Makita Angle Grinders

The Makita Corporation has been building power tools for well over a century. It makes everything from cordless tools and batteries, to industrial-grade power tools, and accessories. Lawnmowers, blowers, drills, saws, electric angle grinders, you name it.

Makita’s products are known for their meticulous design, high reliability, and decent performance. Better yet, pricings tend to be quite reasonable. As a matter of fact, if you know where to look, you can get some excellent tools at very favorable prices.

Makita 9565CV Review: Key Features

Makita 9565CV review

Comfortable Design

As mentioned at the very beginning of the article, the Makita 9565CV’s chief selling point – according to many customers – is its comfortable design. The handle is wrapped in a layer of soft rubber padding, which helps with gripping.

There’s also the side handle that can be adjusted to suit your preference. You can detach the side handle and install it on either side of the angle grinder, depending on what your dominant hand is. I’ve also found that the side handle’s slim profile helps with gripping and reduces discomfort.

13-amp Motor & Variable Speed

Grinding power is derived from a strong 13-amp motor. With this level of performance, you can effortlessly handle heavy-duty tasks like cutting sheet metal without breaking a sweat.

Another great thing about this Makita grinder is that it has variable speed. You can adjust power anywhere between 2,800 to 10,500 RPM. If you have to carve softwood, it’ll be more efficient to use low power. When you need to cut and grind through tough metal, you can throttle up power accordingly.

The motor is wrapped with thick-gauge copper wires to improve its durability and lifespan. It also has a soft-start system for you to power on the tool more smoothly.

SJS Mechanical Clutch System

The SJS (Super Joint System) mechanical clutch system is a patented gear-protection system from Makita. According to the company, it can lengthen the lifespan of the angle grinder’s gears more than competitors.

The motor armature and the spiral bevel gear are connected to one another via a coil spring. If the grinding wheel suddenly catches, binds, or stops suddenly, the coil spring will compress and slip the drive shaft of the motor. By shutting down the motor, damage can be minimized to both the motor and the gears.

Spindle Type & 5-inch Grinding Wheel

Makita 9565CV has a ⅝-inch-11 UNC spindle type and accepts 5-inch grinding wheels. The wheel size gives it the ability to handle stone works and other heavy-duty jobs.

Slide Switch

The angle grinder can be activated using a slide switch. There is a lock-on feature that you can use to lock the switch in place. It allows you to work continuously without having to apply constant pressure to the switch.

However, some people prefer paddle switches over slide switches. The lock-on feature on the 9565CV has also been reported to be difficult to use, too.

Safety Mechanisms

Makita spared no expense when it comes to user safety. The company has loaded the 9565CV with numerous safety systems.

The motor comes with an electronic limiter, which can prevent burn-out by automatically shutting down the motor when it becomes overloaded. We can’t forget the SJS system, too, which is one of the many parts that contribute to the excellent safety rating of this angle grinder.

Makita 9565CV feature review

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Durable Construction

The 9565CV Makita is built very durably. The body is chiefly made from plastic with a rubberized handle at the end. Protecting the gears is a metal housing, which ensures that the delicate components inside are adequately protected from dust, debris, and impact.

It isn’t just tough on the outside, Makita has also designed this angle grinder to be strong internally, too. There is a complex set of vents and channels inside of the tool, arranged in a “labyrinth construction”. Its design prevents dirt particles and debris from entering and destroying the grinder’s motor and inner workings.

The motor and bearing of the 9565CV are further protected by a series of zig-zag varnished seals. They prevent dirt and debris from infiltrating these components and break them down from within.

With all of these protective measures in place, you can bring this angle grinder to construction sites and work in dirty garages. No need to be afraid of breakdowns and malfunctions!

Lightweight and Ergonomics Form

The angle grinder is about 4 pounds for its net weight. This is pretty lightweight for a 13-amp angle grinder.

Makita has clearly done the required work to make the 9565CV as comfortable to use for users as possible. The back end of the tool is wrapped in soft rubber to both improve grip and comfort.

At the front, the side handle is slender and doesn’t feel too cumbersome or uncomfortable to hold onto for long stretches of time. You can also adjust the side handle’s positioning as you see fit. Depending on what your dominant hand is, you can install the side handle to the left or right side of the tool.

Wheel Guard

The 5-inch wheel guard is made from metal and can be adjusted without any tooling. Besides protecting the user from the grinding wheel should anything be going wrong, the guard also acts as a spark deflector. The deflection rate of the guard is decent.

What I Like About Makita 9565CV

  • Capable motor with variable speed setting
  • Decent 5-inch wheel size
  • Safe design (SJS system and electronic limiter)
  • Durable construction
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Ergonomics

What I Don’t Like About Makita 9565CV

  • Lock-on feature on the slide switch is difficult to use

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Review Summary

In this Makita 9565CV review, I’ve found the model to have great potential for people who are looking for a dependable, heavy-duty angle grinder.

Its powerful 13-amp motor and large 5-inch grinding wheel size mean it can tackle jobs like stonework, grinding cement, and cutting thick steel plates without faltering. 

With the variable speed setting system, you can flexibly adjust the angle gri

nder’s performance to suit the task at hand. The abundance of safety mechanisms, and the lightweight & ergonomic design that it’s got are also great pluses.

The only real complaint I’ve got about this Makita variable speed grinder is the difficult-to-use slide switch. Other than that, it is a great angle grinder for the price!

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