DeWalt DWE4011 Grinder Review: The Good & Bad

When it was first released, the DeWalt DWE4011, unfortunately, didn’t receive a lot of attention. There are models that are bigger, offer more performance, and features. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a small and affordable angle grinder, this DeWalt DWE4011 review might just be the thing for you.

Its small and compact form factor means you can work in very confined environments without feeling restricted. Additionally, the decent performance coupled with the budget-friendly pricing naturally makes the DWE4011 highly attractive for beginners and DIY-ers.

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About DeWalt

DeWalt is, without a doubt, one of the top leaders in the power tool industry. Since its founding in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt, the company has never stopped innovating and pumping out new generations of power tools and hand tools.

The company’s portfolio consists of many product classes. It ranges from radial arm saws, table saws, belts, and disc sanders, to hammer drills, impact drivers, cordless drills, and of course, angle grinders.

Famed for its performance, rugged design, and high reliability, DeWalt – according to a survey – is a brand name that’s recognized by over 70% of tradesperson in the US.

DeWalt DWE4011 Review: Key Features

DeWalt DWE4011 review

7-amp Motor

The DeWalt DWE4011 comes equipped with a 7-amp motor. The no-load speed for this model is recorded to be around 12,000 RPM. This sort of performance is enough to cut and grind steel and perform stone works. 

Of course, lighter-duty tasks such as woodworking and cutting thin sheet metals and metal parts can be performed with relative ease.

However, do note that due to the low amperage of the motor, the grinder can get hot very quickly. After about five minutes, the gear housing at the front has been reported to get very hot. The heat is especially notable after the grinder has done something strenuous like cutting metal.

The motor is a brushed model. Once the brushes have worn out, they can be replaced at will. The replacement procedure is quite easy and can be done at home. All you have to do is find replacement brushes online.

⅝-inch-11 Spindle Type & 4 ½-inch Grinding Wheel

The spindle thread for this angle grinder is ⅝-inch-11 UNC thread. It is capable of accepting 4 ½-inch grinding blades and accessories. Although the wheel is small, it is fully capable of completing most grinding and cutting tasks out there.

Slide Switch

The DeWalt DWE4011 angle grinder can be triggered using a slide switch to the side of the machine. It comes with a lock-on feature that you can use when you need continuous power. No need to hold onto the trigger all the time.

Unfortunately, the switch has a critical problem that we think compromises its safety greatly: there’s no trigger control. The slide switch is basically an ON/OFF switch. If you accidentally drop the tool while you’re working, there’s no safety mechanism in place that’s going to stop the motor.

As a result, be extra careful while you’re working with this angle grinder.

Rugged Construction

DeWalt is a company that’s known for building industrial-grade tools that can withstand the rigor of active construction sites. Despite being a lower-end model, the DWE4011 is not an exception to this rule.

The body of the tool is made from impact-resistant plastic. At the front, the gears are protected by metallic housing. Though it is not as strong as tools constructed entirely from metal, I still expect it to be able to hold up to a lot of abuse.

Unfortunately, other than the rugged outer shell, DeWalt didn’t give the DWE4011 a lot of internal protection. Specifically, it doesn’t come with a dust ejection system. This can make it problematic to work in dusty construction sites or dirty garages. You’ll have to be more careful when you use the tool compared to higher-end, more rugged models.

Lightweight, Low-Profile, and Ergonomic Design

This is one of the greatest selling points of the DeWalt DWE4011. It has a very low profile and compact design. The tool only measures 10-⅝ inches long. Additionally, at 3.9 pounds, the DWE4011 is also a very lightweight tool.

Like I said at the very beginning of the article, this design will allow it to work inside cramped spaces. It’s going to be a very fitting tool for homeowners who like to fix up their homes themselves. You can go up to the small attic and work freely. It won’t bog you down.

Tradespeople and professionals may also find use out of this tool, too. If you need something portable and cheap to bring along with you to far-out project sites, it can be a good buy.

DeWalt DWE4011 features

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Safety Mechanisms

Safety mechanisms are quite lacking. There’s no overload protection in this tool and, like we previously mentioned, the slide switch has no safety cut-off in case you drop the grinder. This is one of the biggest drawbacks that the DWE4011 has.

One-Touch Guard

The blade guard is made from metal and has a “one-touch” control, meaning you can adjust its positioning without having to use any tool at all. This is a particularly useful and convenient feature.

Like other angle grinders on the market, the blade guard of the DWE4011 also doubles as a spark deflector. The guard here does a decent job at it.

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What I Like About DeWalt DWE4011

  • Affordable pricing
  • Compact, lightweight form factor
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy to use slide switch
  • One-touch guard

What I Don’t Like About DeWalt DWE4011

  • The slide switch doesn’t have drop protection
  • Not a lot of safety mechanisms in the angle grinder

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Review Summary

The DeWalt DWE4011 certainly offers a lot for the price. Despite the entry-level pricing, performance is quite high. Design is a particular highlight of this angle grinder. It rightfully received a lot of praises for its compact and lightweight form and rugged construction.

Though the DWE4011 isn’t perfect by any means (it notably lacks many safety features), it is still a good model to select for people who are buying an angle grinder on a budget. It may also be attractive for professionals who are looking for a cheap, portable angle grinder to bring along with them to job sites, too.

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